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Installation Instructions

Information on how to install your new Gen IV High Performance Exhaust
Step by Step Installation Instructions


1.  Remove OEM exhaust.  Do not cut OEM I-pipe too short.  You can always re-cut later. 


2.  Slide the 90 degree over-axle portion over the rear axle.  Lube the drivers side 3/8" hanger bracket and insert in the OEM rubber grommet.

Place passenger side twist bracket over bolt and assemble nut.  Do not tighten. 


3.  Line up I-pipe with the over-axle 90 degree section and the OEM cat-back cut tube.  Re-cut tube, if needed.  Should have 3 inches insertion

on both ends.  Insert I-pipe into over-axle tube and over the cat back tube.  Be sure to slide 2.75" clamp over tube first.  Do not tighten.


4.  Center main muffler body portion to line up with where you want the tips to come out (X,Y and Z direction).  Assemble 3" u-bolt clamp over 

the area where the two 3" tubes are connected.  If satisfied with outlet locations, slowly tighen the two clamps.  You may have to go back and 

forth between clamps alternately tightening with a 2nd person holding the outlets in location.


5.  Tighten twist bracket nut on passenger side.


6.  Assemble tips with the 2.5" clamps.


7.  Mad Hammer Gen IV exhaust are designed for LS cars.  If you have an LT, you'll need a drivers side adaptor bracket ($10).  Be sure to add 

LT adaptor to cart when checking out.


Note - I've installed these in about 30-45 minutes if you have access to a lift and all the tools readily available.


Still have questions? 

Required Tools


1.  Sawzall


2.  Pneumatic Impact Wrench


3.  Appropriate size sockets for the clamps (measured 14 and 15mm)


4.  Small Crescent Wrench for twist bracket bolt


5.  Car lift (a lift will get the car up high enough to slide main body over the axle)


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