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Gary Reese

Gary spent 20 plus years working in the OEM exhaust industry before switching to the Aerospace industry, which he has worked for the last 13 years plus.  All Mad Hammer products are built with efficiency of OEM automotive manufacturing proccesses combined with the quality of Aerospace manufacturing.  Gary works 40-50 hours a week at his daytime career and builds Mad Hammer products in the evening and the occasional weekend.  Getting your product out the door in the shortest time is top priority.  Usually a two day turn time is typical when a Gen IV system is ordered.


Based in SW Ohio, we have shipped assemblies from Florida to California and a few to our Canadian neighbors.  We started making Gen IV exhausts for GMMG in 2000 and sold exclusively to GMMG when they were in business.  A few years back, we started selling assemblies on-line.


Mad Hammer also makes bent tube assemblies to print, roll cages for pulling tractors, zoomie-type headers and various other products.


Contact Gary with any projects you may have.

“Remember the Gen IV GMMG F-Body Cars? The Intimidator SS, the Berger Bad Boy SS, the Tom Henry SS, the Hot Rod Magazine Camaro, the Year One Edition Blackbird, the Dick Harrell Edition Camaro. They were fast, cool and collector cars as soon as you drive them off the lot. But, best of all was the sound. People say the GMMG cat-back chambered exhaust is the best sounding F-body exhaust out there. Sadly, GMMG is no longer making these high performance American muscle cars anymore, but you can still get the same stainless cat back system for your Gen IV car through Mad Hammer!" 

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