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Remember the Gen IV GMMG F-Body Cars?  The Intimidator SS, the Berger Bad Boy SS, the Tom Henry SS, the Hot Rod Magazine Camaro, the Year One Edition Blackbird, the Dick Harrell Edition Camaro.  They were fast, cool and collector cars as soon as you drive them off the lot.  But, best of all was the sound.  People say the GMMG cat-back chambered exhaust is the best sounding F-body exhaust out there.  Sadly, GMMG is no longer making these high performance American muscle cars anymore, but you can still get the same stainless cat back system for your Gen IV car through Mad Hammer!


All assemblies are built to the same specifications as when we made them for GMMG.  100% 304 stainless for the tubing, hangers, tips and louvers, all mig-welded together with stainless mig wire.  Clamps are stainless steel.  All material 100% purchased in the U.S.A.  


I try to ship within 2 business days of ordering, so generally you can get your system in about a week or less after order.

We also do the occasional roll cage, zoomie headers and various other items.  We'll be working on selling bent elbows and chambered mufflers so you can build your own custom exhaust during those long winters when your ride is in the garage.

Due to the recent changes in the political environment, my SS prices and other costs went up dramatically.

Tubing - 35%

Louvers - 36%

Clamps (if I can even get them) - 25%

UPS increase - 27%

Weld Gas - 24%

I haven't raised prices in about 10 years, but can no longer offer my product at the current price.

I'm sorry for the price increases, but I have no other option.

Thank you,

Gary Reese

P.S. I'd like to pass on the price increase to only those that contributed to the change in politics,  but I cannot really do that.


Thank you, 





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